Is this Legal?

Yes – we have consulted an attorney to verify. As a private club hosting consenting adults, it is legal to have these kinds of events. Dues are used to provide supplies during meetings and no members are paid employees.

How many men attend each meeting? What are the ages?

The number of men who attend each meeting may vary. We aim to have at least 15 members in attendance in each meeting and have space for up to 50. Members must be 18+ and we aim to have a wide variety of guys in attendance. Most guys in attendance are between 20-50 years of age.

Is Oral or Anal Sex allowed?

Burgh Bate Buds was created for a specific reason: To jack off with other men. PERIOD. We understand that guys have interest other than jacking off; but this is not the place for these activities. No lips below the hips. Nothing goes in anyone. If you are seeking more than jacking off, you may do so elsewhere after meeting hours. Members who violate club rules regarding oral/anal contact will be asked to leave and may have membership priveleges suspended or permanently revoked; and may not be allowed to attend future events.

What activities are permitted?

We encourage guys to jack themselves, lend a helping hand, rub their dicks together, try some cock to cock frotting, play with cock pumps or share jack off toys, sharing masturbation techniques, and cumming with/on each other with consent. Feel free to compliment your fellow bate buds on their cock and balls. We all have dicks, lets have some fun with them!

I am Straight, will I fit in?

Masturbation doesn’t have a sexual orientation. We are a group of men who enjoy jacking off with other men. If you enjoy watching and/or playing with other men while jacking off, you will fit right in. At no time do we ask anybody to disclose their sexual orientation and/or marital status. Many of our members may identify as straight or bi-sexual.

What if I am nervous or do not want touched by other men?

Our Code of Conduct defines Minimum Participation as stripping to underwear. You should also be ready to be among other men who are masturbating and who may invite you to masturbate with them. Beyond that, you are in charge of your own level of participation. You don’t have to touch anyone or let anyone touch you, although mutual touch within the bounds of the Code of Conduct is welcome, common, and encouraged. Your body belongs to you only, and we absolutely honor and celebrate that. With respect to nerves, we accept that as natural for first-timers (though not everyone is!). We encourage you, when you’re ready, to come give it a try. Spend more than a few minutes in the space and we’ll bet the nerves just melt away.

Where are my clothes and items stored?

We provide clothing check for members to stow their belongings during the events in the check-in process. You can store your stuff in a numbered bag and the attendant will give you a matching numbered tag you can wear on your wrist of ankle during the event. When you are ready to leave, return the numbered tag to the attendant to retrieve your clothing.

Where does the event take place?

Our Jack Off Events take place in a specific area of a building that is SEPARTE from Club Pittsburgh located at the FRONT DOOR entrance at:

1139 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15222